Since 2012, I have explored the world, developed myself and blazed my personal Wright Paths in order to offer you the best services possible.


The Mission

It is my passion in this lifetime to act as a guide and healer so that I can be of service in order to assist people in discovering and developing their own wright path and optimal self for this grand adventure of life.

An Oath

For Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners

When people come to me with a serious disease and ask for help, I will not concern myself with whether they are esteemed or dishonorable, wealthy or poor, elderly or young, beautiful or ugly.

My care shall be safe and not swayed by whether they are my dearest family members or my adversaries, my good friends or strangers, Americans or foreigners, foolish or wise.

In my mind’s eye each patient is on the same level, degree and class and shall be treated as close as family.

My care shall never be self-serving nor motivated by what brings good or bad fortune nor by that which is pleasing or upsetting.

My protection and care shall be precisely what is necessary; no more no less, without deference to my own safety and life.

I will know in my heart that my good deeds are sincere and not a game. I will show courage but caution.

I will actively explore and broaden my knowledge, but stand firmly on the principles of which I am certain.

Adapted by the New England School of Acupuncture from “The golden Principle” of Sun Ssu-Miao, Tang Dynasty Physician, Theorist, Author

No man can teach another self-knowledge. He can only lead him or her up to self-discovery - the source of truth.
— Barry Long