Here at Wright Paths we feel that there are a few core principles to embody in order to live from our essence or optimal self.


Health in the Body

Health in the body is the first principle that we feel needs to be embodied in order to live from our essence or optimal self. Our bodies are our vehicles and the grounded foundation for this adventure that we call life. In fact they are simply rental vehicles. We get them for varying lengths of time and in the end they return from where they came… to the earth. During that time it is in our own best interest to keep these rentals in as good of shape as possible. Now people will have different ideas as to what health in the body looks like, but that is up to each individual to determine for themselves. Some may want to run marathons, others may just want to go for a walk in the park. The important thing is to be as free from dis-ease (disease) as one can, so we can feel wonderful, powerful, joyous in our bodies.


Peace In the Spirit

Peace in the spirit may be a strange concept to some. As beings who are always evolving, transforming and changing on a daily basis it can be challenging at times to be at peace. Our daily lives often leave us in a state of reaction, or living from our automatic behaviors. Doing transformational work in addition to living our daily lives can bring up a lot thoughts, feelings, judgements and concerns while at times making us uncomfortable. This is especially true as we examine shadow aspects of ourselves while seeking to understand and overcome our automatic ways of being. It is exactly at those times that it is key to see beyond the stories to come back to our center, our core, the essence or central pillar of who we are. It is there at our core, like the eye of the hurricane that we can uncover peace within ourselves. We may not always be centered in our core and we may from time to time be pulled back into the storm and that is ok. Like any sport or activity it takes time to develop the skill to the point that it becomes second nature. Centering ourselves in our core or essence is a practice that pays dividends in all areas of life. You may just discover that your true nature is peace.    


Love in the heart

Love in the heart… this principle is challenging to put into words as it is more of a feeling or way of being. For me it is more of a way of walking through this life; walking through this life with love in the heart while feeling unconditional gratitude for the fact that I am alive and am incarnate. If we do not have gratitude for our lives than what do we truly have? This gratitude and deep appreciation for life is what sets the foundation for how we carry ourselves. From a place of gratitude it is easier to be compassionate and unconditionally loving with ourselves and with others. Living from this place of gratitude with compassion and love in our hearts allows our lives to open up in richer ways. What we once thought of as work or dread can be seen with new eyes, perhaps as play and a chance to grow. Living this way also has wonderful impacts on all of our relationships; for when we truly love ourselves unconditionally while accepting all of our facets we can show up fully in all of our relationships. Finally living this way has allowed me personally to let my passions free.